weak spots (2021)


Polished light mast fragments, pigeon-repellent system, police helmet visors, foam mattress, Alucore® composite panel, acrylic sheet, porcelain figures, fascia roller (cement casting),polystyrene, collector‘s plate „Berliner Schloss“, artificial gold leaf


Variable dimensions



Viktor Petrov‘s installation „weak spots“ is comprised of seven pieces that negotiate the vulnerability of the human body in relation to its architectural counterpart. The focus of the installation is the column: an architectural element that is designed to carry overhanging beams, distribute weight, and structure spaces.


Petrov‘s columns however depart from their predetermined functions. Dysfunctional and damaged, they block the way like scattered pieces of an undefined architecture. A careful approach is required as some of their parts are only loosely placed on each other, making them highly fragile. For example, porcelain candleholders form the unstable base of one of the seven sculptures. Another column features a capital made of overlapping police helmet visors that resemble a plastic bird‘s nest. And a third object references a different type of „protection“ with a so-called pigeon-repellent system attached to its shaft.


These examples show the deliberate use of architecture as a means for structuring relationships in the public space, as well as reinforcing a politics of social segregation. „weak spots“ explores the subtle entangelment of these rigid structures with the human body by transforming objects of every day use  into architectural figures.