Photo: Viktor Petrov

The sculptural series "Walled-Up" refers to a popular ballad from the Bulgarian folklore. It tells the story of the ritual murder of the wife of the architect, intended to strengthen the eternally crumbling structure of her husband. This motif is categorized in the folklore scholarship as a construction sacrifice and to this day occupies an important part of the cultural mythology of the Balkans.


The main pieces in the series resemble two of the typical buildings found in the ballad - the church and the bridge. These are constructed from 600 metres of rebar steel, bent and tied into the shape of dish dryers. "Walled-Up" combines and aestheticizes objects and materials from domestic labor and from architecture. In doing so, it puts a focus on the patriarchal structures that to this day determine which work and which members of society are valuable, and therefore which purpose is worth the sacrifice.





rebar steel (powder coated), steel, drain plugs, cock ring, metal chains


Variable dimensions