Photo: Viktor Petrov

The works from the „Suspensorium“ series consist of transparent police shields and stainless steel elements, which are spanned by webbing straps. The shield serves as a projection surface for the body and as a dummy that is fixed in an overstrained position, which only seems to dissolve when one of the materials or connections breakes.


Who serves and who leads, who is subjugating and who is being subjugated, is both a political and an individual question. In both democratic and authoritarian states, this question is repeatedly posed by the population, sometimes violently. In the area of sexuality, this seemingly inescapable power dynamic is reproduced on a small scale through role-playing games and the associated accessories, such as harnesses. This interplay is the central point of discussion in the „Suspensorium“ series. How political is sex and how seductive is politics? Arm aber sexy, sexy aber arm.






riot shield (polycarbonate), stainless steel fittings, webbing strap


45 x 90 x 10 cm